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VideoGIF for Mac If youre an active YouTube member, then youll want to check out VideoGIF for Mac. This versatile utility allows you to convert videos to GIF animations straight from YouTube videos as well as local videos very quickly with very little hassle. It works almost all common video formats such as MOV, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP, AVI and more. It is flexible to trim any portion of the video to use, as well as to crop, resize or customize the overlays, frame delay, sequence, effects and its color settings. If you dont have a video in the local folders, just enter the YouTube URL from which you would like to create your GIF. You also opt to change the GIF animation speed and the output quality of the GIF. The highlight is that you can get accurate start time and end time for the overlays of text objects and sticks as what a professional GIF editor can do. VideoGIF for Mac is a great tool for people who want to create incredible animated GIF as avatar, screensaver and cool element online. Its a dead simple way to make your own GIFs for all kinds of uses. Giffing Tool Giffing Tool, a Windows GIF maker, allows you to create GIFs by recording your screen in a specific area you selected. Always remember the shorter the recording, the higher the quality. With this software, you can also trim video frames, add text, and adjust quality settings freely.

A video converter can convert a video from one type to other format. Some people have these kinds of programs on their computers because they need to convert videos very frequently; while others prefer to convert videos online. Generally speaking, online video converter let users upload one video and convert it at the same time. It's free and users can convert videos at any place with any computer unless they can connect to the Internet. This is the most convenient feature of online video converter. Online video converters have another great feature that some of them offer surfers the ability to convert not only videos, but also documents, like Word to PDF, Word to Text and Word to Excel, etc. Some of them even have e-book converter functions that allow users to convert EPUB, LIT, PDF and FB2 mutually. What's more, it also gives users the ability to convert images to other formats, for example converting JPG to PNG, PDF and GIF, etc. From the above introduction, it seems that online video converters are very powerful and there is no need to buy such programs. Honestly it does have some solid functions and provides great options. However, for people who convert and edit videos daily, this is not enough. Let's make a simple comparison of them: The converting speed of online video converters is slow. The speed of online video converters involves many factors. If your Internet connection speed is low, the converting speed is definitely low as well. For paid video converters, the speed is superb. No one wants to wait for hours to convert only one video. Online video converters can handle with one converting task only at the same time. This is really time-wasting if you have several videos needed to be converted. You may say you can use different online video converters at the same time and each of them can convert one video. Definitely this is true. But think about the speed. Use multiple online video converters to convert several videos at the same time? Do you think when they will be finished? Online video converters have no video editing feature. This is a very vital function for people. More and more people want to customize their videos. When they convert videos to other video formats, they want to add some special effect, like adding watermark, adding background music and images, etc. Online video converter can only convert videos, but with a paid video converter program, users are provided the ability to use their innovation to customize their videos and modify the output effect. Having a video converter program, people can convert and edit videos like a professional.